Wise Disk Cleaner

It is a set of utilities for cleaning the registry, disk, and other software components of the PC. Dignity and competitiveness with other utilities is reflected in the ability of Wise Disk Cleaner:

  • Combine your work with Wise Disk, Wise Registry Cleaner, and a number of other effective investments and tools of narrow focus;
  • Detect more hidden and erroneous registry entries compared to other similar programs. This was officially announced by foreign magazines CHIP and PCWorld;

Implement high speed work, not inferior to the top counterparts of this program.

The free version of Wise Disk Cleaner contains the following properties:

  • General cleaning of the entire computer.
  • Additional cleaning of temporary files that are created in folders and drives;

Cleaning system

Defragment the drive, that is, the redistribution of files and their logical structure.

One of the drawbacks is the need to install additional applications for the expanded functionality of the program.

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