Other programs

There are a few less well-known, but effective and stable “cleaners” of the system:

System Mechanic is in no way inferior to its opponents in technical characteristics, however, it is deprived of English-language localization and is paid. The set is perfectly balanced and optimized for the needs of advanced users and administrators.

Comodo System Cleaner – a powerful set of tools and utilities. The range of useful tools of this program includes features such as cleaning personal data, deleting various files and directories, and so on. It is necessary to single out the only drawback of the program, which consists in the inability to work properly with platforms, newer than Windows 7.

Computer Accelerator is a software that demonstrates high rates of increase in PC performance after a full cleaning process. The developer stably updates the application, adding new high-quality functionality to it. Due to the availability of the trial version, the user will be able to experience all the benefits of the program absolutely free. The main disadvantage is a paid license, but the issue of its acquisition can be solved after the test mode.

Upon completion of the scan, Auslogics Registry Cleaner automatically determines which items are available for quick and painless removal from the system.

Technical characteristics of this unique tool are its main advantages. They include:

  • Minimum consumption of system resources;
  • International support;
  • Create copies for backup;
  • Removing unused and duplicate registry keys.

Also, vigilant users noticed one of the drawbacks of the program, which is the lack of a system state check function. The rest of Auslogics Registry Cleaner meets the highest standards of modern software.

Vit Registry Fix

An application designed to remove various “cluttering” from the Windows registry. This creation by the programmer of thought includes several components:

  • Vit Registry Optimizer – a program element for optimizing the system registry files;
  • Vit Disc Cleaner – an integral part for cleaning disks from temporary and other unnecessary files;
  • Vit Uninstall Manager – this utility provides a list of all installed programs and updates that can be removed or modified;
  • Vit Registry Backup – a tool for creating backups of the registry.
  • Vit Registry Search – addition, which is used to search and delete data from the registry.

Thus, all these extensions provide an effective result, the main advantages of which are:

  • Manual removal of keys from the Software sections (HKCU and HKLM).
  • Search in more than 50 variants of versions of errors in the registry of Windows.
  • Owning a powerful automatic search and scan tool.
  • Work programs in portable mode on removable drives.
  • Optimize registry files.

A trial version of the software with some restrictions is available for all users in the order of free download. However, to continue working with the program you will need to purchase a license. The price is $ 7.95, and registration data are sent automatically and instantly after payment.

The main disadvantage is seen in the limitations of the unpaid version. The user will be presented with basic and scarce functionality, and there will be no two auxiliary utilities: Registry Backup and Registry Search.

Uninstaller is divided into two types:

“All programs”. Shows installed software and its components in full. By default, programs installed in the last seven days are considered new.

“Tracked programs.” Shows software that has been installed with Revo Uninstaller.

Thus, the user can constantly monitor all the contents on their hard drives. If unused or unnecessary programs are detected, use the “Delete data” function. It permanently erases files and folders.

The advantages of software are the thoroughness of entry into the log book and temporary folders. Of the minuses, some users have noted problems with the application interface, as it may seem somewhat confusing. Also initially, few people liked the huge number of keys on the upper edge of the interface. Ostolnom soft suitable for productive work.

IObit Uninstaller

A free program to remove unwanted programs and folders, which takes up a small amount of disk space. It finds all installed items and sorts them, and all you need to do to remove some software is to click.

Options “deep check” and “forced removal” allow you to completely get rid of even the most obstinate programs.

Search for traces of previously deleted programs. That is, even the previously used operating system files will undergo optimization.

Automatic search for residues of the program to be deleted. Malicious system elements can not go unnoticed, so Soft Organizer will offer to remove them.

Check for new versions for installed programs. The software will help keep track of the latest innovations and make PC work more efficiently.

The main inconvenience for users was the limitation of the period for using the free version – 30 days.


Program for correct removal of unnecessary programs. It is designed as a single exe-file and works without installation either from a PC hard disk or from any removable media.

The successful properties of the utility are its free, multilingual and small size.

Of the minuses identified not the ability of the uninstaller to the end to cope with the task. For perfect cleaning, you have to use third-party tools.

A minimalist window has only a few tabs under the main screen, where the main functions related to system optimization are placed.

Other programs

Additionally, we note another 2 qualitatively coping with their work uninstaller:

Uninstall tool is a great alternative for standard Windows applications for installing or uninstalling programs. With it, you can clear the database, which is not amenable to standard optimization methods. Distributed for a fee – this is the main disadvantage of the software. However, the user has a 30-day trial period to evaluate all the possibilities.

Total Uninstall is a utility for removing unwanted programs with the function of tracking the installation of new applications. The software can display a list of all traces of the selected program using the “Details” button on the toolbar. These include fingerprints on the disk, in the registry, as well as information services and devices. Depending on the set of available features, it is available in three editions — Standard, Professional and Ultimate. By cons Total Uninstall can be attributed to a very high price (about $ 50).

Based on the information above, it can be concluded that the programs related to computer optimization are an infinite set. Of these, unsurpassed leaders stand out in their field, but this motivates other developers to try harder on the details of their software.

The choice is still up to the user. It is important that most utilities have trial modes, so through trial and error, you can choose the perfect option for yourself.