Computer optimization software

Download free software to optimize your computer and clean up Windows and accelerate their work. The use of such programs not only speeds up the work of the software, but also generally optimizes the operation of the Windows operating system. In some cases, they fix errors in the operating system and registry. Regular optimization of the computer is necessary for each computer.

In the process of working with a computer on a shared disk space, various temporary files are created in the browser and in the registry, as well as numerous programs appear that eventually become unnecessary. One part of them can be deleted by the user independently or automatically at the end of work with the software, but the other remains stored on the hard disk, clogging up the electronic device. Computer cleaning programs allow you to optimize its performance and protect it from an overabundance of unwanted data.

The developers of such applications come from the collective experience of the computer community and embody only time-tested and secure system actions in their products. If there is a likelihood of making unwanted changes by cleaning, the present state of the databases is remembered, which can be restored in case of errors.

Data areas loaded or transferred to a storage medium always leave a trace embedded in the computer’s memory. Even after the removal of the unnecessary utility, the residual part of the files unnecessary for the system remains. Because of this, the registry and hard disk is filled with informational junk:

  • Invalid keys;
  • Invalid links;
  • “Broken” labels;
  • Old and unused programs;
  • Filling the cache.

It is possible to carry out a manual cleaning of the system thanks to the RegEdit staff editor, but such actions may not always be available to the ordinary user. Computer cleaning programs have been developed on the principle of automated correction and removal of unnecessary files.

Each utility contains in its work the individual features and functions of editing the system. After clicking on the desired type of action, an additional extension can quickly find existing registry errors, remove invalid extensions, missing DLLs, etc.

It is recommended to regularly clean the computer and take care of the state of its system. For example, conducting the removal of unnecessary data 1-2 times a month – you will not only increase the free space on your hard drive, but also improve the performance of your PC.

Overview of the best programs for the integrated cleaning of the computer and hard drive

The current market of computer software offers a rich variety of “cleaners”, but it’s not always easy to understand which program is right for your device.

The software should be convenient and elementary in the application, but at the same time have broad functionality. Practically designed interface will contribute to the most rapid development of the application. The user must visually make sure that the speed of the computer has increased, and the hard disk space has increased.

Based on the above characteristics, we consider the most preferred software options for complex cleaning of the computer and hard disk.