Clean master

Wedge Master was originally developed for mobile devices and was engaged in their optimization on the Android platform. At the moment there is an opportunity to get the program and to maintain the performance of a personal computer or laptop on the Windows operating system.

There are two options for downloading the utility. The first one is free Clean Master. Its functionality includes:

  • Cleaning up system and residual files, as well as unwanted registry data, in order to maximally free up computer storage;
  • Optimization of the PC with the improvement of its speed and elimination of all problems with delay;
  • Eliminate the risk of third-party access to confidential information. The program will block unwanted access to third-party devices and ensure the security of personal data.

To obtain an extended list of permissions, you must purchase a licensed version of Clean Master, a subscription to which costs $ 29.90. Additional options will contain:

  • The function to restore lost files;
  • Driver booster. Scan, repair and update drivers supporting more than 5,000,000 devices;
  • Automatic update to the latest version in order to be able to use the latest CMPC services;
  • Customizable tasks “Autoclean” and automatic cleaning of the computer;
  • Automatic removal of traces of privacy after closing the browser so that personal information about the user can not be traced.

The most significant advantages of the program is a simple and accessible interface; practicality, which is manifested in the cleaning of memory and RAM in one click, as well as safety at work. Wedge Master always asks, before deleting, whether you need a particular file.

The disadvantages include the lack of cross-platform, that is, the ability of the software to work on several hardware platforms. Also an undesirable fact is the property that all program options are opened only after paying for the licensed version.

The official version of the program can only be downloaded from an English-language resource. To familiarize yourself with the program, it is better to download the free version by clicking on the “Free Download” button.

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