It is a free software product that takes care of 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems.

An important advantage is the desire of developers to release an updated version of the distribution monthly. Many users of software point out the phenomenon that every innovation makes the utility not only the most speedy in operation, but also noticeably powerful with each release.

The program in its work covers several areas of system optimization.

Cleaning system garbage. This feature includes full erasing of recycle data; clipboard and Windows logs; temporary computer files; list of recent documents; obsolete data Prefetch; additional folders, etc.

Cleaning applications. In its functionality, CCleaner covers the following software: web browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE); sound and video players (Windows Media Player, KMPlayer, BSPlayer, Ligth Alloy); software packages (Adobe, Photoscape) and over 450 types of other daily used software.

Fix the hierarchical database. This wide area means checking the registry for errors, broken records; fix invalid file extensions, fonts, help file links, wrong application paths, missing icons, shortcuts.

Additional extensions: view and manage the startup list; tool for safe removal of programs; control of recovery points.

For the CCleaner to work comprehensively in the operating system, the user should ideally have administrator rights. Under a limited account, the utility can also run and work, but some files cannot be deleted during the cleanup.

Increased convenience was incorporated in the design of the graphical interface of the program. It is designed in such a way that not only an experienced user, but also a beginner can understand it.

The lack of a utility can manifest itself for those users who do not use the Microsoft Windows operating system. For example, CCleaner does not support the operating system Novel Netware, Unix, Linux, etc. Also, the minus is in the closed source code, which does not allow you to add new functionality to the program and customize it.

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